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I know it’s fun to eat all the good things for the holiday but now it’s time to help your body feel healthy after the holiday!

I know these days there are a lot of delicious food and gourmet people have tried their best in the kitchen. We all tried to cook the most amazing dishes in the world. As we saw in a previous article, in some areas of European meat the jewel in the crown for Christmas dinner and in other countries, fish is a true salad.

After these rich days of food, it’s time to recover because we want to prepare our bodies for New Year’s dinner. If we want to feel in a good shape, energetic and relaxed, we need to forget heavy food for at least 3 days and eat something healthier, easier and fresher.

Let’s see what will be good for our stomachs in the morning after we forget the rules of healthy food. Help your body feel healthy after the holiday!

. Normally don’t wait until you’re hungry, but this time we’ll make an exception. Try not to eat until you feel hungry and avoid any meat. You need more light fibers because your digestive system needs to be activated. Try soft flavors like vanilla or cinnamon or maybe fruity flavors. These scents will excite you but they will do it gently, exactly as your body needs it right now. The fruit is a secret after the holiday. You need antioxidants and water. The fruit has both and rehydration is extremely important.

 . Let’s not hide our fingers and realize that most of us have one or two glasses of wine at Christmas, which is perfectly normal. In Christianity, alcohol symbolizes the blood of Christ, but alcohol actually drinks in large numbers the body, as everything is consumed in high quantities. So what helps us to recover better? Foods high in fructose, like honey. Honey is a miracle medicine of nature. It is used as an antibiotic, sugar substitute and so on. Honey helps your body fight and burn away the leftover alcohol that wants to harm your body. As a snack between meals, try to eat some yogurt with honey and fruit, such as clementines or oranges that are high in water and energy, protein and vitamin B6.


.  Make your breakfast a memorable healthy meal and cook some Chili Black-Bean. Returning to the idea of alcohol and what’s good to recreate your entire system after drinking can add a bit of importance to knowing that alcohol depletes your body’s potassium, so to compensate. In return to these facts, you need to start eating a little vegetarian food, like vegetarian chili. You need to consider the fact that you have eaten a lot of fast food and now you need something fresher and softer. Chili fights fat, which comes with large amounts of protein and fiber derived from black beans. What you need to know is that spicy chili powder reduces inflammation and pain. At the end of the day, you will feel brand new.

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.  Personally, for dinner I recommend a simple fresh juice made from everything you want like healthy fruits, vegetables, and nuts. You do not need to have a rich dinner right now because you first need to detoxify yourself to try to make it easier. Avoid soda, even chocolate chips. Wait until the New Year dinner, you will feel fresh and sparkling.

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